I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and the nano text editor to create my .tex files.

When using quotations I use \textquoteblleft and \textquoteblright, otherwise if I use ", all of the quotes in the compiled pdf are right quotes.

I'm using Pandoc to convert my .tex into an .html, pandoc -s -o file.html file.tex. But when I do this the quotations don't show in the html file. I also have this problem with em-dashes \textemdash

Is there a way to make the quotations and em-dashes compatible for both html and pdf?

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    never use " in tex input, to get quotes the traditional markup is ``...'' that is two backticks and two single quote/apostrophe which then ligature to left and right double quotes May 24, 2018 at 22:43

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Thanks to David Carlisle's comment I found out that I can use two back ticks `` for the left quote and two sigle quotes'' for the right quote and this will show up as quotations in html and pdf.

As for the em-dashes; after some experimenting I found that using three hyphens --- will work for html and pdf.

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