I found it a bit challenging to write a bibliography with Diplomarbeit and Eprints.

From looking in http://arxiv.org I would need to use their bst style, which I don't know how to install local and probably does not support Diplomarbeit, rather Master thesis.

From the other hand, dinat.bst support Diplomarbeit, but does not support Eprints.

How could I combine both worlds in one BibTeX?

I am using

\documentclass[ pdftex, a4paper ]{scrbook}


Diplomarbeit is equivalent to Master thesis, but its called Diplomarbeit, so if i would write in my bibliography Master thesis, it would be incorrect. I used plainnatdin.bst but for having Diplomarbeit, i needed to moved to dinat.bst. I tried both with the following lines in my bibtex file

 archivePrefix = "arXiv",
 eprint        = "0707.3168",
 primaryClass  = "hep-th",

with out success.

I am using Gentoo (Linux) with dev-texlive/texlive-latex v2011

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    Please provide some more information about the documentclass, TeX distribution, and other aspects of your LaTeX setup. What is "Diplomarbeit": a documentclass, a package, a bst file? Separately, I wasn't aware of arxiv.org requiring the use of a certain bst file -- or, for that matter, any bst file at all. – Mico Feb 4 '12 at 10:41

For the problem with 'Diplomarbeit' as a BibTex-Item I use the solution if the babelbib-Package.



where the 'babalpha' is just an example, but here the 'bab...'-Styles have to be used. Now you have to add a field 'language' to every (!) item in your bib-File, for example:

author = {Someone},
title= {something},
school = {somewhere},
year = {2012},
language = {german},

Now, it will not say, 'masters thesis' but 'Diplomarbeit'. With the field set to 'language= {english}' you keep 'masters thesis' (for this item).

As for the Eprints: I have no good idea. Whenever I am in a similar situation I just use the miscelaneous-type

  • it seems that the order of the packages is importent. i placed \usepackage[english,german]{babel} before \useopackage{babelbib} and i got some problems. In addition i needed to use \selectlanguage{english}, other wise i saw all the titles in german.... – Eagle Feb 6 '12 at 20:16

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