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PDF/A with Linux Libertine und Linux Biolinum using pdfLaTeX

I can confirm that the posted MWE works under Ubuntu 18 / TeXLive 2017. However, once I add an \emph{p} somewhere in the text, VeraPDF fails to validate the file (see below).

% !TeX program = pdflatex
% !TeX encoding = UTF-8
%%% PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-2u or PDF/X-1 with Linux Libertine
%%% and Linux Biolinum using pdfLaTeX supporting datetime control (PDF/A PDF/X),
%%% cyrillic, CMYK icc and sRGB icc

%%%% PDF/A PDF/X setup part %%%%
%%% Variables initiating  %%%

%% Control of colour mode and pdf type
\setcounter{colourmode}{1}  % 0 --- undefined (or rgb); 1 --- cmyk (always for pdf/x); 2 --- rgb
\setcounter{pdftype}{2}     % 0 --- undefined; 1 --- pdf/x; 2 --- pdf/a
\setcounter{iccinsert}{0}   % 0 --- don't upload icc cmyk inside pdf/x; 1 --- upload icc cmyk inside pdf/x;
\newcommand{\pdfapart}{1}        % PDF/A part (1, 2)
\newcommand{\pdfaconformance}{B} % PDF/A conformance (A, B, U)

%% Setting date
\newcommand{\docModDate}{\DTMdisplay{2016}{10}{02}{-1}{20}{00}{21}{03}{00}} % Some particular date example
%\newcommand{\docModDate}{\DTMnow} %current time, usual situation (today time)


    \pdfminorversion=3% must be set 3 for PDF 1.3 required by PDF/X
\ifboolexpr{test {\ifnumequal{\value{pdftype}}{2}} and test {\ifdefstring{\pdfapart}{1}}}{
    \pdfminorversion=4% must be set 4 for PDF 1.4 required by PDF/A-1
\PassOptionsToPackage{safe, warn}{textcomp}

%%%% PDF/A PDF/X setup part END %%%%

%%% Main class setting %%%

%%% PDF/A PDF/X needed packages %%%
\usepackage{datetime2} % for date and time fields control

%%%% For proper copypasting of text from pdf
\input glyphtounicode.tex
\input glyphtounicode-cmr.tex %from pdfx package

%%%% Setting options for russian language that follows.
\usepackage{cmap}              % Better search for text in pdf-file
\defaulthyphenchar=127         % Better hyphenation for copypasting
\usepackage[T2A, T1]{fontenc}   % Russian letters support with T2A
\usepackage[english, russian, ukrainian, german]{babel}[2014/03/24] %main language has to be set last

%%% Colours
\ifboolexpr{test {\ifnumequal{\value{colourmode}}{1}} or test {\ifnumequal{\value{pdftype}}{1}}}{
    \usepackage[dvipsnames, table, hyperref, cmyk]{xcolor}  % cmyk colours --- needed for PDF/X, questionable for PDF/A
        \usepackage[dvipsnames, table, hyperref, rgb]{xcolor}  % rgb colours
        \usepackage[dvipsnames, table, hyperref]{xcolor}


%%% Hyperlinks %%%
\usepackage{hyperxmp}[2017/02/23] % extended pdf options

\newcommand{\docTitle}{Тестовый ŘÍŽŤŮĚĎ документ --- PDF/A and PDF/X test document}
\newcommand{\docAuthor}{Имя Фамилия ŠŘÍŽŤŮĚĎ}



    pdfcopyright={This work is licensed under Creative Commons Public Attribution 4.0 International License},
    pdfkeywords={PDF/A} {PDF/X} {TeX} {LaTeX} {Typesetting},
    hypertexnames=false,% use guessable names for links
    plainpages=false,           % Forces page anchors to be named by the Arabic form  of the page number, rather than the formatted form
    pdfcontacturl = {\AuthorURL},
    pdfcontactaddress = {123456\xmpcomma\ Москва\xmpcomma\ \AuthorURL},
    pdfcontactcity = {Город \AuthorURL},
    pdfcontactcountry = {Россия},
    pdfcontactemail = {some\_mail@mail.ru}, 
    pdfcontactphone = {+7 (333) \AuthorURL},
    pdfcontactpostcode = {123456 postcode \AuthorURL},
    pdfcontactregion = {Регион \AuthorURL},

    \DTMsetstyle{pdf} % sets further dates to be in PDF format

        pdfcreationdate={\docCreationDate}, % hyperref defined, hyperref expects it to be in PDF format
        pdfmoddate={\docModDate}, % hyperref defined, hyperref expects it to be in PDF format
        pdfdate={\docModDate}, % hyperxmp defined, can be in either PDF format or XMP format
        pdfmetadate={\docModDate}, % hyperxmp defined, can be in either PDF format or XMP format


\ifboolexpr{test {\ifnumequal{\value{pdftype}}{2}} and test {\ifnumequal{\value{colourmode}}{1}}}{%
    % Dirty hack of hyperref to make rgb-like links annotated with C mark become annotated with K mark to work in PDF/A with CMYK
    % makeatletter - makeatother needed

%%%Does not work inside ifthen environments
%%72.27 pt is 72 bp, 800/803 %%http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/113513
%%(mm size * 72)/25.4 = bp size
\edef\pwbp{\strip@pt\dimexpr0.996264009963\paperwidth\relax} %paper width in bp (PS points)
\edef\phbp{\strip@pt\dimexpr0.996264009963\paperheight\relax} %paper height in bp (PS points)

    /TrimBox [0.00000 0.00000 \pwbp\space\phbp]%

    \hypersetup{pdfstartpage={},% disable openaction of hyperref for PDF/X compliance

%%%%%%%%% PDF-X stuff, IF USING pdflatex or lualatex %%%%%%%%%
    \expandafter\pdfpageattr\expandafter{\calcpdfpageattr} %works

    \pdfinfo{ %for PDF/X %fill manually
      /GTS_PDFXVersion (PDF/X-1:2001)
      /GTS_PDFXConformance (PDF/X-1a:2001)

        % insert CMYK icc from pdfx package inside file
        \immediate\pdfobj stream attr{/N 4^^J/Alternate/DeviceCMYK} file{coated_FOGRA39L_argl.icc}
          /PageMode /UseNone
          /OutputIntents [
              /Info (FOGRA39L)
              /Type /OutputIntent
              /S /GTS_PDFX
              /DestOutputProfile \the\pdflastobj\space 0 R
              /OutputConditionIdentifier (Coated FOGRA39)
              /RegistryName (http://www.color.org/)
        % don't insert CMYK icc from pdfx package inside file
        \pdfcatalog{ %for PDF/X
          /PageMode /UseNone
          /OutputIntents [
              /Info (none)
              /Type /OutputIntent
              /S /GTS_PDFX
              /OutputConditionIdentifier (Custom)
              /RegistryName (http://www.color.org/)

    \NoHyper%Have to kill all links/annotations for pdf-x compliance
    %http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/300675 %NoHyper environment does not deactivate the creation of bookmarks, the inclusion of document information etc.

%%%%%%%%% PDF-A stuff, IF USING pdflatex or lualatex %%%%%%%%%
    \expandafter\pdfpageattr\expandafter{\calcpdfpageattr} %not really needed for PDF/A

        \immediate\pdfobj stream attr{/N 4} file{coated_FOGRA39L_argl.icc} %loads from pdfx package distribution
        \pdfcatalog{ %for PDF/A
          /PageMode /UseNone
          /OutputIntents [
              /Type /OutputIntent
              /S /GTS_PDFA1
              /DestOutputProfile \the\pdflastobj\space 0 R
              /OutputConditionIdentifier (Coated FOGRA39)
              /Info(FOGRA39 (ISO Coated v2 300\% (ECI)))
              /RegistryName (http://www.argyllcms.com/)
        \immediate\pdfobj stream attr{/N 3^^J/Alternate/DeviceRGB} file{sRGB_IEC61966-2-1_black_scaled.icc}
        \pdfcatalog{ %for PDF/A
          /PageMode /UseNone
          /OutputIntents [
              /Type /OutputIntent
              /S /GTS_PDFA1
              /DestOutputProfile \the\pdflastobj\space 0 R
              /OutputConditionIdentifier (sRGB_IEC61966-2-1_black_scale)
              /Info(sRGB IEC61966 v2.1 with black scaling)
              /RegistryName (http://www.color.org/)

    %%% Setting custom PDF/A part and conformance through hyperxmp
        pdfapart = {\pdfapart},
        pdfaconformance = {\pdfaconformance},

%%% Solving \textnumero problem in russian pdflatex
%%% Don't know how to explain why this works
\usepackage{textcomp} %depending on previous font packages this may be second call to package



\section{Erster Abschnitt}

Ein Text mit \emph{Auszeichnung} und sogar \textbf{fettem} Text, sogar {\sffamily{}
    LinBiolium als Schrift \emph{auch noch hervorgehoben}}. \emph{p}

Testing usually problematic symbols: \textnumero \S \textpertenthousand
\textthreequarters \textohm \textmho \textmu \texttimes \textdiv

\section{Some text (pangrams) in different languages}

Любя, съешь щипцы, "--- вздохнёт мэр, "--- кайф жгуч. Шеф взъярён тчк щипцы
с~эхом гудбай Жюль. Эй, жлоб! Где туз? Прячь юных съёмщиц в~шкаф. Экс-граф?
Плюш изъят. Бьём чуждый цен хвощ! Эх, чужак! Общий съём цен шляп (юфть) "---

Příliš žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy! Typographie ist zweidimensionale
Architektur und bedingt extra Qualität in jeder vollkommenen Ausfuehrung.
Государев указ: душегубцев да шваль всякую высечь, да калёным железом по щекам
этих физиономий съездить! 200\dots450~{\textdegree}C. Широкая электрификация
южных губерний даст мощный толчок подъёму сельского хозяйства. Подъехал шофёр
на рефрижераторе грузить яйца для обучающихся элитных медиков.

\alpha = \frac{1}{l_0}\cdot \frac{\mathrm{d}l}{\mathrm{d}T},
где $\alpha$ "--- ящерицы чешут вперёд за ключом,~1/{\textdegree}C;
$l_0$ "--- месторождения кварцующихся фей без слёз,~м;
$\mathrm{d}l$ "--- фиг выговоришь этюд,~м;
$\mathrm{d}T$ "--- жирафы честно в цель шагают, да щук объять,~{\textdegree}C.

El veloz murciélago hindú comía feliz cardillo y kiwi. La cigüeña tocaba el
saxofón detrás del palenque de paja.

1 & 2 поводок\\
3 missisipy & 4

Матеріали конференції присвячені сучасним проблемам фізики та фізичних
технологій, перспективним напрямкам фізики енергетичних систем, теорії
безпеки, криптографічного захисту інформації та криптоаналізу, захисту
інформації в комп’ютерних мережах та комунікаціях, забезпеченню цілісності баз
даних, захисту від витоку інформації по каналах побічного електромагнітного
випромінювання, локальним мережам різної струк\-тури, технічного захисту
об’єктів, а також науковим дослідженням фундаментального та прикладного
характеру у сфері інформаційних наук.


Rule Status Specification: ISO 19005-1:2005, Clause: 6.3.5, Test number: 1 Embedded font programs shall define all font glyphs referenced for rendering with conforming file. Failed 1 occurrences Show

Specification: ISO 19005-1:2005, Clause: 6.3.6, Test number: 1 For every font embedded in a conforming file and used for rendering, the glyph width information in the font dictionary and in the embedded font program shall be consistent. Failed 1 occurrences Show

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