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Ven type diagram

I have a presentation. I want to draw it in latex and put in on my slide. Some kind tell me where to begin or tell me the code

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How about this to get you started:


    \node[draw,circle,minimum size=7cm] (c1) at (0,0) {};

    \node[draw,ellipse, minimum height=4cm,minimum width=2cm] (e1) at (0,1) {};
    \node[draw,ellipse, minimum height=2cm,minimum width=4cm] (e2) at (1,1) {};

    \node[text width=3cm] (l1) at (6,6) {Topological `reunion'?};
    \node[text width=3cm] (l2) at (7,1) {AECH};
    \node[text width=3cm] (l3) at (0.5,-3) {Matrix module};

    \draw[->] (c1) -- (l1);
    \draw[->] (e2) -- (l2);
    \draw[->] (e1) -- (l3);


Familiarise yourself with the various ways you can customize the positions, sizes, shape colours, arrows etc... to achieve what you want. Don't be afraid to search other answers on this site and just try things.

enter image description here

  • Thanks. I could draw the circle, ellipse separately but not be lying inside the circle. I understand the trick. – GGT May 29 '18 at 6:08

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