I have the following minimal example:




      symbolic x coords={A},
      \addplot coordinates {(A,   1.000)};
      \addplot coordinates {(A,   1.150)};
      \addplot coordinates {(A,   1.393)};
      \addplot coordinates {(A,   1.234)};
      \addplot coordinates {(A,   1.599)}; % this will be purple
      \addplot coordinates {(A,   0.912)};


which generates the following bar chart:

purple bar

I would very much expect the last bar to also be grayscale. Subsequent bars are still grayscale.

Am I going crazy or doing something wrong?

I know that I can still just add [style={fill=black!40white}] to \addplot to manually overwrite the color, but why doesn't it do it automatically?

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