I'm using a custom chapter for my appendix :


    \addtocontents{ptc}{\begingroup\string\makeatletter\string\c@tocdepth -3\relax}

I have this code for my appendix :

\nnchapter{Appendix A}
\section{first section} \label{first_section}

However, when I'm referencing the section in the text with \cref{first_section}, the resulting link contains "Section A.1". I would like to have "Appendix A.1".

How can I do this ? I tried to renew the following commands but it's not working.


Thanks for all !

  • Please tell us which document class you employ. – Mico May 29 '18 at 13:18

A way to make it work:


\chapter{My chapter}
\section{My section}
A reference to \cref{first} %% create a link on "Appendix A.1"


\nnchapter{appendix title}
\section{my fisrt section} \label{first}

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