I have to use a .tex template that basically sets the font for everything to be Calibri. In the preamble it is written:


This would be no problem if Calibri would be supported by overleaf (the tool I really want to use), but it isn't. So I included the Calibri-Files from Windows into the project and replaced Calibri by CALIBRI.TTF (cf. this answer). Even this will compile, it leads to unwanted output: italics and bold faces are ignored. After realizing, that for some reasons, a font is separated into different files: one for the "normal" text, one for the bold faces etc. So following Part II, Section 1.2 of the fontspec package documentation (page 10), I managed to build the following MWE (using XeLaTeX as LaTeX engine) which prints text in italics and bold face:


Extension = .TTF ,
UprightFont = * ,
BoldFont = *B ,
ItalicFont = *I ]

normal \textit{italics} \emph{emphasized} \textbf{bold}

The problem is, this will not work for all the other commands in the preamble. For example

Extension = .TTF ,
UprightFont = * ,
BoldFont = *B ,
ItalicFont = *I ]

gives the error The font "CALIBRI" cannot be found. I tried to "globally" define a new font via \newfontfamily (cf. this help page), but it is only usable locally in the text. So the question remains: how to globally define a custom font?

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