I am currently making a presentation using Beamer. I have section, subsection, subsubsections in my presentation. I want to achieve the following:

  1. The TOC at the starting of the presentation won't show subsubsections.
  2. Starting of a subsection, I need a TOC of that subsection as well as subsubsections.

I know the first can be achieved using \setcounter{tocdepth}{2}. But I can't get the second one. It would be better if the subsubsections of the current subsection is highlighted and others are faded. Please help me out.

note: I have checked this: Beamer Mini-TOC. However, the difference is I want a TOC at the starting of subsections.

I also have checked this: Beamer Presentation: Show TOC at beginning of Unnumbered Subsection (Subsection*) However, the difference is this shows the whole TOC (although shaded) at the starting of each subsection. I wanted a mini-TOC, particularly for the current subsection. If a subsection doesn't have a subsubsection, no TOC should be generated.


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This did the job for me. Although not completely. But for all practical purposes, it is close enough.



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