I got a book I am trying to set up. In the book most pages don't have a footer, only those that start a chapter do, and this is creating problems with setting the pages bottom margins.

If I don't put includefoot in my page geometry, the footer on the chapter pages gets put almost at the edge of the page. However if I do, it means all the other pages that don't have a footer appear to have a larger bottom margin then they should.

I have tried a lot of variations of putting \newgeometry with \afterpage around the \chapter command (or even redefining the \chapter command to include them. But nothing is working.

  • You might try a bottom float. The type doesn't matter so long you don't use a caption. – John Kormylo May 31 '18 at 14:30

Never mind, I finally found a solution. I put \enlargethispage{-2\baselineskip} after each \chapter and got the desired effect. Just took awhile to arrive at using a negative value for \enlargethispage.

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