I would like to understand if there is a simple way to implement the following feature in LaTeX:

I would like to create mycustomsty.sty that I would call like this:

\usepackage[author={string1, string2, ..., stringN}]{mycustomsty}

and that would have the same output as simply typing:

\author{string1 \and string2 \and ... \and stringN}

directly in the TeX file.

  • The package filecontents is used to have one single file (MWE). Of course you can put the sty in a separate file.
  • Use kvoptions to pass the string to the package.
  • Use xstring to make string substitutions.
  • To make it possible to replace a string with a command (\and), witch should not be expanded, but also interpret the inputstring as an expanded command \expandarg is used. (from xstring documentation: "In this case, the first token of each argument is expanded one time while all other tokens are left unchanged")







        \StrSubstitute{\myauthorgenerator@author}{,}{\and }%

\usepackage[author={Frodo,Sam,Pippin, Merry}]{myauthorgenerator}




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