I am working on 2 rendering, the first one with the classical latex command and the other with htlatex command (tex4ht).

I have defined the following \newcommand :


and use them like this :


The rendering with latex command is what I expect :

latex rendering

You can notice that I want for each of \newcommand a little shift between upper and lower indices.

My issue is that I can't reproduce the same rendering with htlatex command. Here what is displayed on generated HTML page :

htlatex rendering

It seems that MathJax doesn't take into account the 2 \newcommand.

I produce the HTML page with the following command :

htlatex source.tex config_mathjax

and config file "config_mathjax" :

<script type="text/x-mathjax-config">                                         
    TeX: {       
      Macros: {   
                     beq: ['{\\mathbf\{\#1\}}',1],
                     btFma: ['{\$\\mathfrak\{e\}_\{\\mathbf\{\#1\}\}\$\$_\{\}\^\{\\mathbf\{\#2\}\}\$}',2],
                     btFmb: ['{\$\\mathfrak\{e\}\^\{\\mathbf\{\#1\}\}\$\$\^\{\}_\{\\mathbf\{\#2\}\}\$}',2],
      equationNumbers: { autoNumber: "AMS" }
    extensions: ["tex2jax.js"],
    tex2jax: {     
      inlineMath: [ ['\$','\$'], ["\\\\(","\\\\)"] ],
      displayMath: [ ['$$','$$'], ['\begin{equation}','\end{equation}'], ['\begin{align}','\end{align}'], ["\\[","\\]"] ],}
      processEscapes: true

I don't understand why htlatex doesn't take into accound these 2 \newcommand.

Maybe the \newcommand \bFma and \bFmb are too complex for htlatex, if someone knows how to simplify them, I will take them.

And if someone has or had the same type of issue, this would be fine to tell me how to circumvent it.


  • this is not tex4ht issue, it passes math input verbatim to MathJax, as expected. MathJax doesn't render your commands for some reason
    – michal.h21
    Jun 3, 2018 at 11:39

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MathJax only processes macros in math mode, not in text mode (it doesn't include text-mode macros). That includes inside \textrm{} and other commands that switch to text mode. To use this with MathJax, you would need to remove the \textrm{} and change the definition of the macro to expect to one in math mode originally.


Remove dollar signs from definition:


Remove \textrm from equation:


Remove dollars signs from mathjax config:

 btFma: ['{\\mathfrak e}_{\\mathbf \#1}{}^{\\mathbf \#2}',2],

BTW: you can use \quad or \qquad instead of \,\,\,\,

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