Similar question was already asked at Problem with bibliography with the MITWPL style template but it appears the mitwpl.cls file at http://mitwpl.mit.edu/publish/#template has been updated and the solution no longer works.

The problem with the template is that the .tex file won't compile for the following issue:

! LaTeX Error: Command \bibfont already defined. Does anyone know how to fix the original stylesheet or has an updated version? Thank you!

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    The same solution still works since the same error arises. Ideally the MITWPL people should be informed of the problem so that they can fix the class. – Alan Munn Jun 3 '18 at 16:06

The class file still has the same error as reported in the linked question. Here's a simple solution. (Also, note that the sample document provided with the class uses pstricks and requires compilation with latex+dvips to compile properly.) We can use the etoolbox package to patch the problematic command:

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