I have the following Tikz plot:


        ybar, axis on top,
        %title={Cumulative Progress of Works},
        height=8cm, width=14.5cm,
        bar width=0.4cm,
        ymajorgrids, tick align=inside,
        major grid style={draw=white},
        %enlarge y limits={value=.1,upper},
        ymin=0, ymax=100,
        axis x line*=bottom,
        axis y line*=right,
        y axis line style={opacity=0},
        %enlarge x limits=true,
        ylabel={Pourcentage (\%)},
        symbolic x coords={
       nodes near coords={
         % Uncomment to have number aboce data line
    \addplot [draw=none, fill=blue!30] coordinates {



However, the X axis line at the edge of the graph is way too long, how can I change it ? Thank you.

enter image description here


Uncomment enlarge x limits=true and change true to e.g. 0.02.

enter image description here

See section 4.14 of the PGFPlots manual.

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