I am trying to use the graphviz package on ShareLaTeX. I have included both the graphviz and graphicx packages


I tried running the simple example from the graphviz documentation:

\digraph[scale=0.5]{abc}{rankdir=LR; a->b->c;}

But I get an error in my PDF saying:

The file abc.ps hasn’t been created from abc.dot yet.Run ‘dot -Tps -o abc.ps abc.dot’ to create it.Or invoke LATEX with the -shell-escape option to have this done automatically.

I have read elsewhere that including the --shell-escape option is not possible in ShareLaTeX (please correct me if I am wrong), so is there another way to embed graphviz (or dot as it were) into a document on ShareLaTeX?


You can switch to Overleaf, which permits the use of --shell-escape and has a graphviz example.

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