I have been working to get notes (possibly margin notes, but doesn't have to be) in between two columns of text. This question has proved useful, however it works with the twocolumn option for the document class and I need to use multicol.

Also I need the notes in a single line. The question I mentioned has the notes near where the \marginpar command is. I want the notes in one line, first from column 1 then from column 2 (eg. col 1 note 1, col 1 note 2, col 2 note 1, etc.). It would mean the margin notes would start at the top and end before the end of the page, that's fine.

I am aware of the marginnotes package, but will that solve all the problems? All I need is that the notes stay on the same page as the line they refer to, but not right next to it; so maybe margin notes aren't the way to go? I am open to other options.

In case it makes a difference, I use the import package to load various sections of the document.

To illustrate what I am looking for, please see this picture.

EDIT: I am currently using LaTeX, but I don't mind switching to ConTeXt (or something else) or using pure TeX if that would be better/easier/make it possible. Also if editing the PostScript or PDF output would achieve the desired results, I'm open for that too. In short, I'm not too opinionated on the how, just so long as it works.

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