Here is my situation

I am writing a presentation in beamer but when adding the arrows to the "objective situation" and "Macro context" blocks they point inside the block , instead of pointing to the border. Can show me how to make the arrow point to the border?

Here is my MWE:




    \tikzstyle{block} = [draw, fill=white, rectangle,  minimum height=3em, 
     minimum width=6em]
    \tikzstyle{pinstyle} = [pin edge={to-,thin,black}]


  \begin{tikzpicture} [auto,>=latex',every node/.append style= 

  \node [block, name=input, node distance=1cm] (a2) {Subjective perception};
\node [block, above=of input, yshift=1cm ](a5) {Objective situation};
\node [block, below=of input, yshift=-1cm] (a1) {Macro context};
\node [block, right=of a2] (a3) {Fertility intentions};
\node [block, right=of a3] (a4) {Fertility realizations};

\draw [->] (a5) -- (input);
\draw [->] (a1) -- (input);
\draw [->] (a2) -- (a3);
\draw [->] (a3) -- (a4);



You have \node [block, name=input, node distance=1cm] (a2) {Subjective perception};, so you give the node a name twice, first input then a2. The a2 name will overwrite input, so you get an error no shape input is known. Change name=input to alias=input, then you can refer to it by both names.

  • Great! I had not noticed this point. Thank you for your promt answer :)
    – Ari Yxm
    Jun 7 '18 at 17:15

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