I declare sections without numbering by typing section *, but a number is displayed according to the level, as shown in the figure. I want sections declared with section * to have no number here is the current code.

{}{0em}{\colorbox{RoyalBlue!90}{\parbox{\dimexpr\linewidth-2\fboxsep}{\thesection\enspace #1}}}

{}{0em}{\colorbox{RoyalBlue!30}{\parbox{\dimexpr\linewidth-2\fboxsep}{\thesubsection\enspace #1}}}

\titleformat{\subsubsection}{\sffamily\large\bfseries\color{RoyalBlue}}{\thesubsubsection\enspace #1}{1em}{}[{\color{black}\titlerule[1.5pt]}]
  {\gdef\chapterlabel{\thechapter\ }}{0pt}
  {\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
    \node[yshift=-3cm] at (current page.north west)
      {\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay]
        \draw[fill=black] (0,0) rectangle
              rounded corners=20pt,inner sep=11pt,
\chapter{Chapitre 1}
\section*{section without numerotation }
\section{section 1}
\section{section 2}
\section{section without numerotation''}

And this what i get when generate a pdf file .

enter image description here

Thank you for your help !

  • In some way off topic. But I think that you have a misconception about \section{...} and \section*{...}. The latter isn't simply a section without numbering. It's more correct to say that it is a section that doesn't increment the counter of sections. Of course, usually you display a \section*{...} but if what you really want is to don't display numbering you should follow other ways. – gvgramazio Jun 8 '18 at 12:27

Add this to your code:

\titleformat{name=\section, numberless}[block]{\sffamily\Large\bfseries\color{white}}%
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