I am new to TeX (MacTeX 2011, with XeLaTeX and BibDesk / BibTeX). In parts I found this answer to my question - but it is not what I want : Get the "annote" field of a .bib file

I look for a way to insert the content of my annote field in direct quotes.

  1. I like to have a new command like \annotecite.
  2. it should insert the content of the annote filed in the text.
  3. it should not modify the existing citations, like change the counts of citations and so on.
  4. it should not use biblatex, jurabib and so on - the citation styles are ok as they are and I want only to insert the content of the field (also if I change the style).
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    This is quite tough specification I think. bibtex knows only to produce the .bbl file from your .bib file, and you can hardly get such structure in the .bbl file. I think that best option is to go along with biblatex, because it will likely be easier to switch the bibliography engine than to try to tweak bibtex to do what you want. – yo' Feb 6 '12 at 9:01
  • Hello ! Thanks for your answer. I have tried apacite with apacann and apacannx. Then I have the content from the annote field inside the bibliography (now I know it is basically possible but don´t know how to access the content inside the text using a own \cite command). Where are the definitions of the \cite and what it should do are stored ? Is it a solution to create a own style using tex makebst to get this to work ? Thanks for your answer. – Chris Feb 6 '12 at 13:37
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    Because biblatex and its \citefield command allows easy access to the data of the .bib file, your best bet in my opinion is to switch to biblatex and tweak an existing style so as to meet your needs. – lockstep Feb 12 '12 at 18:12

My usebib package can be helpful:

author={von Frankenstein, Victor},
title={How I did it},
journal={J. Applied Physiology},
annote={Be very careful when doing like this},



This is the annote field in the entry:

enter image description here

Note The filecontents environment is just to produce a suitable bibliography file for the example. I realized that the package documentation is wrong (it has different macro names than those really to be used); a fix is on its way to CTAN. The current documentation has \usebibdata and \usebibdataurl, while the correct commands are \usebibentry and \usebibentryurl.

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