I want to specify PDF page boxes using lualatex. But no version of Adobe Reader (9.5.5 04/26/2013 under Linux; DC 2018.011.20040 under Mac OS) or Acrobat Pro (8.0.0 under Windows) I have access to seems to detect them. All of them have no problems with the files produced by pdflatex. What's wrong?


  \edef\pdfpageattr{\pdfvariable pagesattr}
  \edef\pdfcompresslevel{\pdfvariable compresslevel}
  \edef\pdfobjcompresslevel{\pdfvariable objcompresslevel}
  /MediaBox [0.0 0.0 300.0 300.0]
  /BleedBox [44.33071 44.33071 255.66929 255.66929]
  /TrimBox [50.0 50.0 250.0 250.0]


These screenshots are taken with the 'Show art, trim, & bleed Boxes' option turned on.

PDF produced by lualatex

enter image description here

PDF produced by pdflatex

enter image description here

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The problem is a Typo in the \pdfvariable name: You want to set the pageattr, not the pagesattr. Your LuaTeX code sets the attributes in the PDF pages directory instead where they are ignored. So it works if you replace

  \edef\pdfpageattr{\pdfvariable pagesattr}


  \edef\pdfpageattr{\pdfvariable pageattr}
  • Oh! How embarrassing... – David Purton Jun 10 '18 at 6:53

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