\draw[fill,yellow] (0,0) circle [radius=1];
    \draw (0,0) circle [radius=1];
    \node at (0.03,0) {\textrm{\textbf{\Huge ER}}};


When I change the font size in the node from \Huge to \LARGE, for instance, I can see the difference.

Now, in line with some other answers I've seen on the site, I tried:

\node at (0.03,0) {\textrm{\textbf{\fontsize{100}{0}\selectfont ER}}};

But I can't seem to get the font size to increase no matter how large a number I choose, e.g. 150, 200, etc.

Any ideas why?


this is unrelated to tikz, latex warns

LaTeX Font Warning: Size substitutions with differences
(Font)              up to 75.12pt have occurred.

You see the same from


\fontsize{100}{0}\selectfont ER


The default cm fonts are only enabled at a fixed set of sizes, if you add


at the top of the file then they will be allowed to scale to arbitrary size, or switch to lmodern which uses scalable font sizes by default.

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