This is mainly an English document.

With a smattering of Chinese: 中文



The font "SimSun" cannot be found.

Am giving up on pdfTeX (was asking at this question).

Am making the jump to XeTeX. Which packages should be installed besides xeCJK? And what default fonts are installed with the packages you would recommend?

  • Depending on how big your smattering is, you can use the workaround of defining new font families. \usepackage{fontspec,xltxtra,xunicode} and \newfontfamily{\C}[Scale=0.85]{Yuanti SC}(make sure the font is available in your system), with the usage {\C 这里可以写汉字} in the body. This is however annoying once you have more than just a few pieces of Chinese text. – Huang_d Jun 11 '18 at 9:51
  • You're just missing Chinese fonts. Install fonts properly and then check if they are present using fc-list. – Yan King Yin Dec 17 '18 at 7:48