Without using the \maketitle, I'm creating a separate file for title page named titlepage.tex and invoking it in the main.tex. I would like to customize the header only for this separate TEX file, to add logos in the title page header and I'm unable to do so. I'm using the following code:

\textbf{Thesis Title}
Master Thesis Submitted By\\
\textbf{Max Mustermann\\}
 Matriculation Number: XXXXXX
\textbf{Institution Head:} Prof. A\\ 
\textbf{Academic Supervisor:} Mr. B\\
\textbf{Industrial Supervisor:} Mr. C, XYZ Pvt. Ltd.\\
location, \today

I would like to put the logo 1 and 2 in the header at right and left corners respectively. How could one do that?

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