I am using first latex compiler to generate pdf document. Into .tex source, I have the following equation :

\text{tenseur sym\'etrique :}\,\,\,\,& S_{ij}=(1/2)\,(T_{ij}+T_{ji}) \notag \\
\text{tenseur antisym\'etrique :}\,\,\,\,& A_{ij}=(1/2)\,(T_{ij}-T_{ji})

That generates this rendering :

Latex rendering

Now, I tried to generate HTML pages with MathJax using htlatex compiler and I get the following result :

Htlatex rendering

As you can see, the french accent is not taken into account. I suspect the \text{...} to be implied in this issue.

How can I circumvent this problem and produce this MathJax equation with french accent (like I did with latex compiler) ? Any suggestion is welcome.


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It seems that MathJax doesn't support TeX accents in math text. You can just use accented characters directly:



  \text{tenseur symétrique :}\,\,\,\,& S_{ij}=(1/2)\,(T_{ij}+T_{ji}) \notag \\
  \text{tenseur antisymétrique :}\,\,\,\,& A_{ij}=(1/2)\,(T_{ij}-T_{ji})


To request good support for accented characters, it seems necessary to use

  "HTML-CSS": {
    mtextFontInherit: true

as a configuration for MathJax. Full configuration file for tex4ht:

\Configure{@HEAD}{\HCode{\unexpanded{<script type="text/x-mathjax-config"> MathJax.Hub.Config({ 
        TeX: {Macros : {  mathlarger: ["{\\large \#1}",1] }},
        "HTML-CSS": { mtextFontInherit: true }

It is rendered in this way:

enter image description here


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