Using \only, \onslide and so on in LaTeX beamer produces several pages per slide in the *.pdf document.

I am wondering if there is a shortcut or something to remove those 'preliminary' slides after finishing the presentation (or maybe reaching a specific slide) and only show the last page per slide.

This might be useful after a presentation's end and people asking questions to specific slides. I find it quite annoying clicking through the whole presentation and each slide rebuilds step by step instead of just showing the final version of a slide.


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You can use the viewer pdfpc (github) for that. Since version 4.0.7 it supports:

  • A user can now skip already viewed overlays (and jump to the full slide directly)

It also has an overview feature to switch directly to the needed slide and many other nice features.

enter image description here

Currently it works with Linux and Windows 10 (with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)).


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