$I(a_1,a_2,a_3)=\displaystyle{\int\limits_{c_1-i\infty}^{c_1+i\infty}\mathrm{\frac{dz_1}{2\pi i}}\, \, \cdots\int\limits_{c_5-i\infty}^{c_5+i\infty}\mathrm{\frac{dz_5}{2\pi i}}(Q^2)^{z_1}(M^2)^{z_2}
\left\langle a_1+z_3 \right\rangle \left\langle a_2+z_{14} \right\rangle \left\langle a_3+z_{125} \right\rangle \left\langle d/2+z_{1345} \right\rangle}$
$\displaystyle{\cdot\frac{\Gamma(-z_1) \Gamma(-z_2)\Gamma(-z_3)}{\Gamma(a_1)\Gamma(a_2)\Gamma(z_1+d/2)}}$\\
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    please extend your code fragment to complete but small document beginning with \documentclas{...} and ending with \end{document}. preamble should contain only to your problem relevant packages. explain, where you like to have box? welcome to tex.se!
    – Zarko
    Jun 18, 2018 at 5:41
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Some suggestions and comments:

  • Do familiarize yourself with the amsmath package and, in particular, the multiline displayed-equation environments provided by this package. For your equation, I'd like to suggest a split environment embedded in an equation environment. The equation environment provides the equation number, and the split environment lets you introduce line splits and provide alignment points.

  • Don't overuse \left, \right, and \limits. In fact, these directives are not needed here if you set up the correct math environments.

  • Unless the textblock of your environment is unusually wide, it's necessary to make the equation span three rows, not just two.

  • Use the \boxed macro, also provided by the amsmath package, to draw a rectangular box around the equation.

enter image description here

\usepackage{amsmath} % for "\boxed" macro and "split" env.
&=\int_{c_1-i\infty}^{c_1+i\infty}\frac{\mathrm{d}z_1}{2\pi i} \,\dotsi
  \int_{c_5-i\infty}^{c_5+i\infty}\frac{\mathrm{d}z_5}{2\pi i} 
  \langle a_1+z_3     \rangle 
  \langle a_2+z_{14}  \rangle 
  \langle a_3+z_{125} \rangle 
  \langle d/2+z_{1345}\rangle \\
} % end of \boxed

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