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I would like to position arrows next to text/through text like this, is there any possible way to do this?


There are plenty of possibilities, here is one of them.

  \tikz[remember picture,baseline=(#1.base),inner sep=0pt] \node (#1) {$%\tikznodestyle 
  \tikz[remember picture,baseline=(#1.base),inner sep=0pt] \node (#1) {#2};%
 \tikz[overlay,remember picture]{
 \draw[-latex] (3p)--(dummy.center);
 \draw[-latex] (2m)--(Al.south east);

enter image description here

  • Very nice. Just a question, if I add like a blank suffix next to the O so that the arrow extends out a little more, what part of the text would I edit to select the reference characters? – Wertea Jun 18 '18 at 17:12
  • @Wertea I made an update. If you want to shorten the arrow from 2- to Al, just draw this arrow with \draw[-latex,shorten >=2pt] (2m)--(Al.south east);, say. – marmot Jun 18 '18 at 17:18

Does this look like what you like

equation with arrow crossing

Here is the code

\usetikzlibrary{arrows.meta} %% Includes arrow head styles.

\draw (-2,0) node[blue,left=0.02cm] {$\mathrm{Al^{3 +}}$}; %% write the Al ion
\draw (0,0) node[red,left=0.02cm] {$\mathrm{O^{2 -}}$}; %% write the O ion
\draw (3,0) node[left=0.02cm] {$\mathrm{{\color{blue}Al}_{{\color{red}2}} {\color{red}O}_{\color{blue}3}}$}; %% write the product
\draw [-{Stealth[round,scale=1.5]}] (-0.5 , 0.06) -- (-2.4 , -0.17); %% Arrow from O ion to Al ion.
\draw [-{Stealth[round,scale=1.5]}] (-2.15 , 0.06) --(-0.5 , -0.13); %% arrow from Al ion to O ion
\draw [-{Stealth[round,scale=1.5]}] (0 , 0) -- (1.7 , 0);

The order of \draw in the code is the actual order of drawing, which means the latter ones would be on top of the previous.

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