Suppose, I am writing some handouts for students to prepare SAT (actually, it is some big exam in our country, not SAT). I have several .tex files, for example, polynomial.tex, conic sections.tex, triangular functions.tex, each corresponding to a chapter. At the same time, there have been 10 years or more tests of "SAT". And I think I should create several files like below

  1. 2018SATquestions.tex
  2. 2017SATquestions.tex
  3. 2016SATquestions.tex
  4. ...

And for example in 2018SATquestions.tex, I wish the document can be somehow structured like this: (of course it cannot be compiled alone)

true or false
\item Can a polynomial be degree $0$?
\item Is $\tan x'=\sec x$?
\item Is $x^2+2y^2=4$ a circle?

Fill in blanks
\item How many real roots of $f(x)=x^5+x^3-1$? \rule[..][..]
\item $\sin(120^\circ)=$\rule[..][..]
\item The radius of $x^2+y^2=16$ is \rule[..][..].

Now, in my polynomial.tex, when I wish to include the SAT historical question, I can simply just use commands like \sat{2018}{torf}{1} or \sat{2018TF1} or \sat{2018}[tf][1], ... whatever. And in triangular functions.tex, I can simply just using commands like \sat{2018}{finb}{2}, etc.

Then how can I do this? Is there any useful package for such need? Or is there another clever way to maintain the tests? PS: I'm also afriad that the \input{...} (or something similar) command will include the whole SAT file, making the compilation speed down, even if I just want to include only one or two questions from some 201xSATquestions.tex. Can such problem be avoided?


Definitely not sure if this is a good solution for a great number of questions, but at least it works. The memory package allows you to define a structure-like variable and get its contents later. I used the exam class which allows for simple questions, see the documentation for more options. I also took the liberty of creating a \blank command with an optional width argument. The exam class already has a \fillin[correct anwser][optional width] command.




%\newcommand{\blank}[1][1cm]{\rule[-2pt]{#1}{0.4pt}} % Not needed

True or false
    \part Can a polynomial be degree $0$?
    \part Is $\tan x'=\sec x$?
    \part Is $x^2+2y^2=4$ a circle?
Fill in blanks
    \part How many real roots of $f(x)=x^5+x^3-1$? \fillin[][15pt]
    \part $\sin(120^\circ)=$ \fillin
    \part The radius of $x^2+y^2=16$ is \fillin[][3cm] 



The result looks like:

enter image description here

  • Thanks a lot. It looks great. By the way, does it suppress (avoid) the compilation on the part the user didn't include? – Eric Jun 21 '18 at 12:38
  • 1
    The parts not included will not be typeset, but I think they will have to be processed. I'm unsure if this takes the same amount of computation. Maybe there is a solution that really suppresses those parts, you should leave the question open I think. – Max Jun 21 '18 at 12:40

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