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Enumerated items seem distant from each other by default settings in the enumerate environment. How can I change that globally (I've seen other solutions, but needed to know which is the best practise), and more importantly for one single instance of an enumerate or itemize environment?


The enumitem package provides just the kind of commands that can help.

You can use


to change enumerate globally, and something like


to change locally. A complete MWE follows.




    \item one
    \item two

    \item one
    \item two
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    Nice answer. for whatever reason I found \begin{enumerate}[nosep] gave me less space than \begin{enumerate}[itemsep=0mm]. – PatrickT Jul 8 '18 at 17:08

Use the compactenum environment from the paralist package:


Redefine the enumerate, itemize and description environments if you want this as standard behavior:


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