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I'm trying to get my master committee on my master thesis. So I want to add in 3 names one after the other with a header of "master committee". I currently have the following:




\title{Example thesis}
\date{June 2018}




How would I go about adding this in? If I add anything to the document it will appear before/after the title page.

Basically what I want is

                   Example thesis 
                   June 2018

                          master committee (different font)
                   member 1's full name and titles 
                   member 2's full name and titles 
                   member 3's full name and titles

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You can modify \maketitle by redefining it based on the default:

\let \footnote \thanks
\vskip 60\p@
  {\LARGE \@title \par}%
  \vskip 3em%
   \lineskip .75em%
    \vskip 1.5em%
  {\large \@date \par}%
  %------ Adding committee ------%
  \vskip 1.5em%
  % Set font within this group
  Master committee:\\
  {\Large member 1's full name and titles\\%
  member 2's full name and titles\\%
  member 3's full name and titles\\}%
  %------ /Adding committee ------%

\title{Example thesis}
\date{June 2018}

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