I would like to page number my document using base 12 but also to number AMS theorems, sections, equations… the same way. What would be the best solution?

I found this working code to use binary for page numbering:


Maybe should I use the dozenal package in some way. Thank you in advance.


enter image description here


\def\btwelve#1{\expandafter\@btwelve\csname c@#1\endcsname}

\def\btwelvedigits#1{\ifcase\numexpr#1\relax 0\or1\or2\or3\or4\or5\or6\or7\or8\or9\or A\or B\or[\number#1]\fi}


\setcounter{page}{5} \thepage

\setcounter{page}{10} \thepage

\setcounter{page}{11} \thepage

\setcounter{page}{12} \thepage

\setcounter{page}{17} \thepage

\setcounter{page}{18} \thepage

\setcounter{page}{19} \thepage

\setcounter{page}{24} \thepage

\setcounter{page}{25} \thepage


This can easily be adapted to any base *just replace 11, 12 and 6 in the calculation).


Same idea as in the question using a flexible base:

  • Do you know how to extend this to AMS theorems counters? – Suponell Jun 24 '18 at 11:14

\usepackage[typeone]{dozenal} will do that for you: all standard counters are redefined to use the special symbols (compatible with Computer Modern fonts).

  • Thanks! It works very well for standard counters but nor for AMS theorems. – Suponell Jun 24 '18 at 11:18

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