I have searched the Web but am unable to get a link to the torrent file for TeXLive 2018. Can someone please point me to it if it exists?


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    Does this help? – Skillmon Jun 24 '18 at 13:13
  • @Skillmon: For some reason, I cannot load that page from where I am. I have deleted cache and cookies and changed browsers but it does not seem to help. – chandra Jun 24 '18 at 13:16
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    try tug.org/texlive – Skillmon Jun 24 '18 at 14:23
  • For some reason I cannot access either link via my ISP's wired connection. I used the hotspot from my mobile phone, using a different ISP, and can now access the link to the torrent which is tug.org/texlive/files/texlive2018-20180414.iso.torrent Thanks @Skillmon. How do I accept your answer? – chandra Jun 25 '18 at 2:14
  • You don't because those are comments, if you want to, I can write up an answer from them and you can accept that. – Skillmon Jun 25 '18 at 8:34

Many links related to TeXLive can be found at https://www.tug.org/texlive/

The different ways to acquire TeXLive are listed at https://www.tug.org/texlive/acquire.html

That list also contains the link to the .iso file https://www.tug.org/texlive/acquire-iso.html where you can choose between CTAN mirrors or torrent.

The direct link to the torrent currently (25th June 2018) is https://www.tug.org/texlive/files/texlive2018-20180414.iso.torrent

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