I'm trying to build a document in R Markdown using R studio, and I originally posted this question to stackoverflow, where a kind user referred me to this site.

I'm in no way a LaTeX expert, but I initially tried to, with the help of another user, build a dark blue box with white writing using the following code:

    keep_tex: yes

    \TextField[width = 10cm,%
               height = 3cm,%
               bordercolor = 0 0 0.5,%
               backgroundcolor = 0 0 0.5,%
               color = 1 1 1,%
               value = {%
                          This is the textbox.\string\n
                          I would like a dark blue textbox with white writing

Now this actually helped me build a box, but the box was only white with a black outline and black text. Furthermore, the line shift \string\n did not help shift the lines.

Can someone here maybe help me out or take a look at this?

header-includes: \usepackage{xcolor}
output: pdf_document
This is the textbox. 
I would like a dark blue textbox with white writing.


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