I'm trying to put an align environment inside of a tabular environment. Here is a snippet:



x^{2}+2x+1 = 0


As written, the document compiles just fine. With the commented documentclass (setting xcolor=table), I get the following error:

! Misplaced \omit. \math@cr@@@ ...@ \@ne \add@amps \maxfields@ \omit \kern -\alignsep@ \iftag@ ... l.10 \end{align*} Why?

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    Replace \begin{align*} with \[ \begin{aligned} and \end{align*} with \end{aligned} \]. – Mico Jun 29 '18 at 13:38

Replacing \begin{align*} with \[ \begin{aligned} and \end{align*} with \end{aligned} \] lets you compile the test file.

That said, it's not at all clear why you'd wish to employ an align* environment to begin with, since no alignment of any kind is being performed.

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    I was just reducing the complexity of the example for the MWE (since the crash still occurred on the test code). This solution appears to work, thank you! – preferred_anon Jun 29 '18 at 14:27

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