How is it possible to remove the figure/table number printed at the beginning of each line in the list of figures/tables respectively generated by the standard commands \listoffigures/\listoftables in a document with book class?

Perhaps this is a very silly question, solvable by a careful look at Kopka and Daly, however I did not notice it: I need such a style change since, since I was asked to list only the caption and page number of each item in the said lists. The custom environments developed by me so far completely fulfil the task by using the \addcontentsline command: however, the standard figure and tabular follow their standard behaviour in the book class.


Use the tocloft package and in your preamble put:

% ...
\def\cftfigpresnum #1\@cftasnum{}  % no figure number
\setlength{\cftfigindent}{0em} % no indent before number
\setlength{\cftfignumwidth}{0em} % no space for number
% and similarly for three \cfttab... macros
% ...

Adjust the \cft...indent and \cft...numwidth to suit your layout.

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