Hello I hope somebody can help me :)

At the moment I'm writing my Bachelor Thesis and use TeXnicCenter and MikTeX. When compiling my thesis there are several instances, in which the URLs in my Library get converted to Math Syntax. Is there a way I can prevent this (best case would be without manually altering the .bbl). The URLs are correct and a cant use url shortener like bit.ly due to my universities polycies. I manage my literature with Citavi 5 and compile the .bib file to .bbl with BibTeX. The Harvard citation style is used.

Here are two examples:

This is how they are saved in the .bib file

 author = {Otto, Robert P.},
 date = {30.04.2016},
 title = {Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) Flight Plan2016-2036: Bridging the Gap Between Tactical and Strategic},

 url = {http://www.af.mil/Portals/1/documents/isr/Small_UAS_Flight_Plan_2016_to_2036},
 keywords = {Future Szenarios;MUM-T},
 address = {Washington DC},
 urldate = {04.06.2018},
 originalyear = {30.04.2016},
 institution = {{United States Air Force}},
 year = {30.04.2016}

 author = {{Peter van Blyenburgh}},
 year = {20.10.2010},
 title = {Avionics Webinar},
 url = {https://rps-info.com/wp-content/uploads/add_from_server/phocadownload/11_1j_UVS-International-Presentations_PvB____/20101020_UVSI_Webinar_USA.pdf},
 institutions = {{UVS International}}

This is how they are saved in the .bbl file:

Otto, R.~P.  \harvardyearleft 30.04.2016\harvardyearright , `Small unmanned
  aircraft systems (suas) flight plan2016-2036: Bridging the gap between
  tactical and strategic'.

\harvarditem{{Peter van
{Peter van Blyenburgh}  \harvardyearleft 20.10.2010\harvardyearright ,
  `Avionics webinar'.

This is how they are getting compiled: Compiled PDF output


including the package url and adding a line of code it works. here is the code i added in my praeamble:

\usepackage{url} \let\harvardurl\url
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    You probably need something like \usepackage{url} \let\harvardurl\url or perhaps only \usepackage{url}. But due to the missing MWE one can only guess. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 3 '18 at 7:58
  • Please edit your posting to show the original entries from the .bib file. Please also tell us which bibliography style you employ and which citation management package (if any) you load. – Mico Jul 3 '18 at 8:43
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    Off-topic: It looks like the year fields have contents such as 20.10.2010 and 30.04.2016. For year fields, use just the year, i.e., 2010 and 2016. If you were using the newer biblatex package, I would recommend you change the name of field from year to date. – Mico Jul 3 '18 at 9:06
  • @UlrikeFischer thank you very much I added the Line you suggested and it works fine :) – Max Jul 3 '18 at 11:57
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    @Max - Glad you were able to fix the issue. Incidentally, the harvard citation management package provides several bibliography style files; there is no single or unique "Harvard" style. On the year field: it should contain just the year, without month and day information. – Mico Jul 3 '18 at 15:00

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