I have a PDF image with a relatively large height. When I place the image into the figure environment, the figure & its caption is displayed at the top of the page such that still some main text appears below the figure in the resulting PDF.

\caption{Some longer caption}

This is the intended behavior.

To save space, I now want to switch to SCfigure. However, now the SCfigure is placed in the middle on an own page, without any text appearing below or above it anymore:

\caption{Some longer caption}

As a result, instead of saving space, I loose space.

Some notes: the height of the caption is smaller than the image height. In the PDF, the total float height (image+caption) seems to be smaller with SCFigure. I tried different combinations of "htb!", with or without


which does not change anything.

Minimal working example (switch comments of begin/end{figure} and SCfigure to see the described effect:




While writing the example, I observed that for this "feature" to occur, one seems to have a two-column format...

  • If I make a complete example from the snippets you provided, I do not get the behaviour you describe (try gist.github.com/TorbjornT/10606b58a0c5fd02b6a189d3ce55e3f7). Can you make a minimal working example that does show the problem? You can use example-image-10x16or one of the other images from the mwe package instead of Figure2.pdf, to make the example independent of local files. – Torbjørn T. Jul 11 '18 at 10:16
  • @TorbjørnT. , I added a minimal working example. A two column design seems to be necessary for it to occur. In the meantime, I switched from SCfigure to a normal figure with minipages inside, which works fine for me. Nevertheless, I would prefer a solution with SCfigure since minipages are very manual. – Engineer trying math Jul 12 '18 at 14:24

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