I have an issue with MikTex where one of the packages will not install or uninstall. This is the amsmath package. When I right click on it in the MikTeX Package Manager both options are greyed out.

enter image description here

Other packages do not have this problem. I can install and uninstall packages at will. Furthermore I am experiencing another problem with amsmath when I try to compile a document which makes use of it:

Paragraph ended before \@tempa was complete. \newenvironment{proof}1[\proofname]{\par

Which is why I tried uninstalling and installing it in the first place. Does anyone know how I can get this package to uninstall and reinstall correctly?


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    Uninstalling will quite probably not solve your problem. You have an error in your code and should correct this. If you want to deinstall it, you probably need the admin version of the package manager. Your system is not up-to-date: since some months the package manager has been replaced by the miktex console. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 5 at 11:52
  • Multi-user MikTeX installations have all tools twice: One in user mode (this is what the screen shot shows) and one in Admin mode. If the package was installed in mode mode it can't be uninstalled in the other. So you could try the Admin version. But as Ulrike says, this is about an error in your code, a re-install of amsmath probably won't help. When you install and uninstall packages you should also do an update to make sure that all package versions are in sync (again as Ulrike says, your MikTeX looks a bit old). – moewe Jul 5 at 12:06

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