After updating all the packages in my MiKTeX 2.9 installation (the last update was 03/2018), the compilation of a document that apparently uses the tools package does not work anymore. The mpm reinstalls the already installed package, then a fatal error occurs (excerpt from pdflatex.log):

2018-07-05 14:00:55,106+0200 FATAL pdflatex - The installed file does not exist.

2018-07-05 14:00:55,106+0200 FATAL pdflatex - Info: fileName="C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\tools\.tex"

2018-07-05 14:00:55,106+0200 FATAL pdflatex - Source: Libraries\MiKTeX\Core\Session\findfile.cpp

2018-07-05 14:00:55,106+0200 FATAL pdflatex - Line: 55

2018-07-05 14:00:55,107+0200 INFO pdflatex - finishing with exit code 1

The respective folder is not empty and contains 41 files (which I am not gonna list). I have tried removing the tools package and reinstalling it myself to no avail.

I write and compile my documents in TeXstudio 2.12.8 using latexmk as my default compiler with the following command:

latexmk.exe -r latexmkrc -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode -shell-escape -pdf -pdflatex="pdflatex %%O %%S" %

This has been working fine up until the update.

What can I do?

PS: I fear, this might be the wrong place to ask this kind of question. If so, please advise me as to where I should turn to and I will remove the question myself.

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    Indeed last MiKTeX update of tools is missing .tex. You can download the ready-to-install latex-tools.tds.zip, extract the missing file and place it in MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\tools, then refresh the FNDB from MiKTeX Console, ` Tasks` menu. – Bernard Jul 5 '18 at 12:53
  • That worked, but how can this file be missing? Now also relsize.sty is missing from ltxmisc. 🤦 – basseur Jul 5 '18 at 13:13
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    Errors in packaging can happen, and adding an issue to the miktex tracker was the right thing to do. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 5 '18 at 13:18
  • True it happens. It also said ltxmisc\relsize.sty was missing and wanted to reinstall ltxmisc, which does not contain the file. Installing the relsize package fixed it. – basseur Jul 5 '18 at 13:22
  • Then you perhaps should update your package database. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 5 '18 at 13:34

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