I was using the mimosis documentclass available at https://github.com/Submanifold/latex-mimosis. Compiling the default Thesis template with lualatex gives an error: enter image description here Following is an MWE:

% !TeX program = lualatex


% Some of my favourite personal adjustments
% These are the adjustments that I consider necessary for typesetting
% a nice thesis. However, they are *not* included in the template, as
% I do not want to force you to use them.

% This ensures that I am able to typeset bold font in table while still aligning the numbers
% correctly.


  detect-all           = true,
  detect-family        = true,
  detect-mode          = true,
  detect-shape         = true,
  detect-weight        = true,
  detect-inline-weight = math,

% Hyperlinks & bookmarks

  colorlinks = true,
  citecolor  = RoyalBlue,
  linkcolor  = RoyalBlue,
  urlcolor   = RoyalBlue,


% Bibliography
% I like the bibliography to be extremely plain, showing only a numeric
% identifier and citing everything in simple brackets. The first names,
% if present, will be initialized. DOIs and URLs will be preserved.

  autocite     = plain,
  backend      = bibtex,
  doi          = true,
  url          = true,
  giveninits   = true,
  hyperref     = true,
  maxbibnames  = 99,
  maxcitenames = 99,
  sortcites    = true,
  style        = numeric,


% Fonts

  \setmainfont{Minion Pro}


\newacronym[description={Principal component analysis}]{PCA}{PCA}{principal component analysis}
\newacronym                                            {SNF}{SNF}{Smith normal form}
\newacronym[description={Topological data analysis}]   {TDA}{TDA}{topological data analysis}

  name        = {\LaTeX},
  description = {A document preparation system},
  sort        = {LaTeX},

\newglossaryentry{Real numbers}{%
  name        = {$\real$},
  description = {The set of real numbers},
  sort        = {Real numbers},


% Incipit

\subtitle{A minimal, modern \LaTeX{} package for typesetting your thesis}
\author{Bastian Rieck}






% This ensures that the subsequent sections are being included as root
% items in the bookmark structure of your PDF reader.




Note that there is no error when compiled with the standard compiler. However, I have to use lualatex as I am using feynman-tikz which works best with lualatex.

Any help will be appreciated.

  • No error for me. Can you please report the full error message as you find in the log file?
    – egreg
    Jul 5, 2018 at 14:51
  • @egreg I have updated the error message. This is all I get. Please check. Also note that I am using TeXstudio although I don't think IDE is an issue here.
    – Subho
    Jul 5, 2018 at 15:58
  • That's not what I asked for: TeXStudio is notorious for its misleading messages. You find the real one in the .log file in the same folder as your example.
    – egreg
    Jul 5, 2018 at 16:01
  • @egreg It is a long file. How should I put it here?
    – Subho
    Jul 5, 2018 at 16:08
  • 1
    Try if it works if you add \RequirePackage{luatex85} before the documentclass. Or update your system. Jul 7, 2018 at 12:51

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Your error is caused by a bug in typearea (from the KOMA-bundle) which has been resolved. Update your system or as a work-around add \RequirePackage{luatex85} before \documentclass.

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