I used


    \section{Independent Testing}

Then Appendix A is out of the Appendices as following. How to put Appendix A into the Appendices i.e +Appendices => Appendix A.

I tried to use \subsection{Independent Testing}, it becomes .1 Independent Testing which is unexpected. enter image description here


Note: I am assuming you are using the documentclass article here.

Your problem seems to be that you want a clear difference in the table of contents between the start of the appendices and an appendix section.

To format the table of content the way you want you would need to redefine quite some parts of the appendices package. I personally don't have the know-how on that part, but I can offer other solutions to your problem.

You can tell the appendices package to not add the phantom section "Appendices" to your table of contents by not including the command \addappheadtotoc in your document.

Alternatively you could use the command \noappendicestocpagenum before you start the appendices environment to remove the number behind the phantom section.

Here is an example:




\section{Regular Section}
\subsection{Regular Subsection}

\noappendicestocpagenum %Remove the page number from the table of contents header
\addappheadtotoc %Comment this line to remove the Appendices header entirely

\section{Appendix Section}
\subsection{Appendix Subsection}

\section{Another Appendix Section}


Which produces:

Table of Contents with Appendices

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