Consider the following metropolis beamer theme(available at https://github.com/matze/mtheme). Now, the title-page of metropolis looks like so:






\subtitle{A modern beamer theme}
\author{Matthias Vogelgesang}
\institute{Center for modern beamer themes}




beamer titlepage

Now, consider the following titlepage from the mimosis thesis template(available at https://github.com/Submanifold/latex-mimosis).

    A document submitted in partial fulfillment
    of the requirements for the degree of\\
    \emph{Technical Report}\\
    \textsc{Miskatonic University}


This looks like:

enter image description here

I want a dividing line just before the author name in the mimosis title page similar to the one present in the metropolis beamer title page.

How to get that?


You can use \rule{width}{height} for this. Full documentation here.

So in your example add this after the \@author:


In case you don't want the line directly after the author, but rather equally far away from author and the bottom message. Then add filling using \vfill:

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