I use the easytable package to make isometric tables. This package provide the TAB (with caps) environment to make tables.

In the same time I use the xcolor package with table option to colorize cells.

The \cellcolor command provided by the table option of xcolor work correctly inside a tabular environment or other table environments except with the TAB environment.

As you can see in the following MWE, \cellcolor colorize the cell in the cell in tabular environment but not the one in TAB environment:



  T \cellcolor{blue!25} \\
  ~ \\
  ~ \\
  ~ \\

  Some & \cellcolor{blue!25}coloured & contents \\

And this is his rendering: enter image description here

So, how can I force coloration of a cell in TAB environment (with xcolor or other solution, it doesn’t matter)?

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