When I use specialrule with longtable, there is a white vertical line in the last row.

I have tested, if I don't use arydshln packages, it is good. (But I want to dashed line, so I need to add arydshln)




    XXX  & XXX  & XXXXXXX \\
    XXXX  & XXX & XXXXXXX \\
    XXXXX  & XXX& XXX\\
    XXX & XXXXX  & XXXXX \\
    XXXXX & XXX & XXX \\


enter image description here

  • The example can be further simplified by removing the code related to the xcolor package. Apart from that, there seems to be an interaction between the specialrule command and the arydshln as you can get the desired result by removing one of them. – leandriis Jul 10 '18 at 16:10

You only need to modify one line.


The first parameter of the \specialrule means the thickness of the line, and the second indicates to the starting point of the connected vertical line. The starting point has been raised by thickness, so you have to lower it again.

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