The following code is from the answer to this question. How to apply it to a draw plot line code from the answer to this question.

I mean I want to apply the code of (inserting text in a box inside a node applied to the green line), to the blue line drawn by (draw plot within the axis definition).

declare function={
%        myslope2(\x) = 24 - \x*(24/48);
    myslope(\x) = 8 - \x*(8/32);
    mycomplexfunction(\x) = sin(60*pow(\x,1.2)) + 6;
dot/.style = {circle, black, scale=.8, fill, node contents={}},
aligned pin/.style args={[#1]#2:#3}%
  {pin={[pin distance=10mm, pin edge={black, very thick, shorten >=-12pt},
    label={[append after command={%
      node[text width=35mm, color=black, fill=yellow!35, xshift=0cm, yshift=0cm, outer sep=0pt, inner sep=5pt,%
scale=.9, transform shape]
 axis lines=center, axis line style={black, thick,-latex},
 axis y line=left,axis x line=bottom,
 tick style={line width=.04cm, color=black, line cap=round},
 xmin=0, xmax=64,
 xtick={0,16,32}, xticklabels={0,16,32},
 ymin=0, ymax=16,
 ytick={4,8}, yticklabels={4,8},
 xlabel={P}, xlabel style={right},
 ylabel={M}, ylabel style={above},
 xticklabel style={inner xsep=0cm, xshift=0cm,yshift=-.1cm},
 yticklabel style={inner ysep=0cm,xshift=-.1cm,yshift=0cm},
\draw[ultra thick,blue] plot[samples at={0,16,32},mark=*,mark options={black}] (axis cs:\x,{myslope(\x)});
\draw[thick,black,densely dotted] (axis cs:0,{myslope(16)}) -- (axis cs:16,{myslope(16)}) node [black, xshift=.46cm, yshift=.05cm] {A} -- (axis cs:16,0);
\draw [thick,green] (0,2.84) -- node [dot, aligned pin={[south west]45:very very very very long long long  long text}] + (-40:4.44cm) node [pos=0, circle, draw, black, fill=black, scale=0.5]{} node [pos=1, circle, draw, black, fill=black, scale=0.5]{};

enter image description here

  • sorry, but i don't understand, what you like to obtain. add sinus wave to this picture? no one example has green line.
    – Zarko
    Jul 12 '18 at 8:25
  • The \draw [thick,green] (0,2.84) defines the green line with a text pinned to a node in it. I want to apply this text pinned to the node code to the blue line code (\draw[ultra thick, blue] plot) within the {axis}
    – Hany
    Jul 12 '18 at 9:26
  • and why this line is not in your mwe? please, make your mwe more complete.
    – Zarko
    Jul 12 '18 at 9:32
  • The lines codes are in my mwe. I tried ( \draw[ultra thick, blue] plot[samples at={0,16,32},mark=*,mark options={black}] (axis cs:\x,{myslope(\x)}) node [dot, aligned pin={[south west]45:very very very very long long long long text}]; ) but the text is pinned to the end of the line not to its center.
    – Hany
    Jul 12 '18 at 9:34
  • The green line is over the blue line, if you enlarge the view you can see them
    – Hany
    Jul 12 '18 at 9:59

I tried the following code \node at (axis cs:16,{myslope(16)}) [dot, aligned pin={[south west]45:very very very very long long long long text}]; and it works fine.

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