I think I may have run into a bug in the glossaries-extra (and hence, possibly glossaries) package.

I like to keep my preamble grouped in a thematic manner, eg. all standard packages (such as amsmath packages, etc.) go in one file standard_preamble.tex which is input into the file preamble.tex under the folder - Preamble. 2nd example - all packages belonging to tikz go in the file tikz_stuff.tex which is input into the file preamble.tex. Finally, the preamble.tex itself is included into the main document, main.tex .

Here is the directory structure to clarify up things

|-- 0_frontmatter
|   |-- abstract.tex
|   |-- acknowledgement.tex
|    -- dedication.tex
|-- Preamble
|   |-- preamble.tex
|   |-- standard_preamble.tex
|   |-- glossaries_preamble.tex
|   |-- tikz_stuff.tex
|-- latexmkrc
 -- main.tex

The usepackage invokation for glossaries-extra in Preamble/glossaries_preamble.tex does not work. In particular, if the usepackage line is not situated in main.tex, this does not produce a corresponding main.acr file for producing glossaries.

Here is a minimal example that demonstrates the problem.

\include{Preamble/preamble} % <----- This is problematic for glossaries

% the below invocation works fine
% \usepackage[translate=babel,abbreviations,nomain,indexonlyfirst,acronym]{glossaries-extra} 

\newacronym{zoh}{ZOH}{Zero Order Hold}

The \gls{zoh} circuit works well. We use \gls{zoh} for \dots blah \dots


The file Preamble/preamble.tex contains just one line \input{Preamble/glossaries_preamble.tex.

The file glossaries_preamble.tex simply contains the same invocation as the commented-out line in main.tex i.e. \usepackage[translate=babel,abbreviations,nomain,indexonlyfirst,acronym]{glossaries-extra}

To summarize, glossaries-extra seems to be having problems with its loading from subfolders of the project. Any thoughts?

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    Do not use \include in the preamble. Replace it by \input. – esdd Jul 15 '18 at 13:08
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    @esdd aargh. That was indeed the problem. I am so sorry. What a silly mistake indeed. Thank you for pointing this out. – Dr Krishnakumar Gopalakrishnan Jul 15 '18 at 13:14

The problem was due to the wrong usage of include in the preamble. When include is replaced with input, everything works as expected. Sorry for the noise.

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