I am going to write a cumulative thesis (i.e. a thesis consisting of several published academic papers). To make it look nice, I do not want to simply include the PDFs of the papers but rather have a chapter, which is called "Publications". In this chapter, I want to include all papers as individual sections, typeset in a homogeneous style. It is clear, however, that every paper consists of several standardized things:

  • Title (should serve as section title and be put to TOC, seems fairly straight-forward)
  • List of authors
  • Citation information (Title of Publication, Volume, Number, maybe location of conference, pages etc.)
  • Year of publication
  • Abstract (can simply be set as subsubsection and maybe set in italics or so, so this is also not really part of the problem)

Is there any template or command-based way to set this in a clean LaTeX style? The less copy-and-pasting from other documents is necessary, the better it will be.

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    If you have the .tex source files, then edit them: (a) Remove preamble; (b) Change \title{...} to \section{...}; (c) Change \begin{abstract}...\end{abstract} to \subsubsection{Abstract}...; etc. Then use \input{filename} or \include{filename} in your main document. Jul 15, 2018 at 18:12

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When I was writing my PhD thesis I came across this question and I was very sad I have not found any suitable cumulative dissertation template in LaTeX. So I made one. I wish it was so simple as Ruixi Zhang mentioned :) The collisions between packages that handle multiple bibliographies etc. were not nice at all.

I hope it helps someone. You can find it in the official Overleaf gallery here. Good luck with your defense.

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