I am having some trouble with getting Minion Pro's ornaments (with pifont) to work in pdflatex. When I compile the PDF all I see is a box with an "X" in it.

Although I have taken a look at at several posts on tex.SX, the only one that I have found to be relevant to my issue does not explicitly say what to do to fix the problem.

Here is my MWE.


Thanks for always being so willing to help others out!


Never mind, I grepped for orn in ~/Library/texmf, and found the corresponding file: ~/Library/texmf/fonts/enc/dvips/MinionPro/base-MinionPro-ad.enc Then I ran $ sed -i .bak 's/orn/bullet/g' ~/Library/texmf/fonts/enc/dvips/MinionPro/base-MinionPro-ad.enc, which completely solved the problem.

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