The glossaries-extra user guide recommends the usage of glsfmtshort and glsfmtlong within section headings and table/figure captions.

The question is regarding the plural usage of these forced incantations. For example, let us say we have declared the following acronym

\newacronym{adc}{ADC}{Analog to Digital Converter}

Now, for plural usage within text, we can simply use \glspl{adc} and things work as expected. I wonder what would be its counterpart for use in a section heading.

For now, I am manually appending an s at the end, i.e.

\section{Analysis of state of the art \glsfmtshort{adc}s for flash-conversion}

I am sure there is a pre-existing command provided by the package, but I am simply unable to find it in the manual. (probably owing to the shortcomings of my vocabulary. The manual is simply brilliant and comprehensive)

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For using in headings and captions, the short plural form is obtained with \glsfmtshortpl and the long plural form is obtained with \glsfmtlongpl.

For example:



\newacronym{adc}{ADC}{Analog to Digital Converter}

\section{Analysis of state of the art \glsfmtshortpl{adc} for flash-conversion}


1 Analysis of state of the art ADCs for flash-conversion

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