The glossaries-extra user guide recommends the usage of glsfmtshort and glsfmtlong within section headings and table/figure captions.

The question is regarding the plural usage of these forced incantations. For example, let us say we have declared the following acronym

\newacronym{adc}{ADC}{Analog to Digital Converter}

Now, for plural usage within text, we can simply use \glspl{adc} and things work as expected. I wonder what would be its counterpart for use in a section heading.

For now, I am manually appending an s at the end, i.e.

\section{Analysis of state of the art \glsfmtshort{adc}s for flash-conversion}

I am sure there is a pre-existing command provided by the package, but I am simply unable to find it in the manual. (probably owing to the shortcomings of my vocabulary. The manual is simply brilliant and comprehensive)


For using in headings and captions, the short plural form is obtained with \glsfmtshortpl and the long plural form is obtained with \glsfmtlongpl.

For example:



\newacronym{adc}{ADC}{Analog to Digital Converter}

\section{Analysis of state of the art \glsfmtshortpl{adc} for flash-conversion}


1 Analysis of state of the art ADCs for flash-conversion

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