I'm trying to make a printable daily planner using Tex. This would be my first project. What I want to achieve is for all the pages to have a dot grid background with the standard 0.5 cm space between dots and the ability to vary opacity and color. I want to be able to put pictures, tables and text on top of it. When I do get something that resembles a dot grid using tikz or https://github.com/jrblevin/dot-grid-paper I cant seem to get the text to be on top of the grid. Is there a way to do this? A similar example or package recommendation would be highly appreciated!

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    Welcome! What have you tried? You may just need to add remember picture, overlay as options to the tikzpicture environment, but it is hard to guess without seeing code. We don't know what you're using to make the grid, for example. If you're using something more like picture, you might look at the page packages (everypage, afterpage, background, esopic, wallpaper and so on). – cfr Jul 18 '18 at 0:40

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