enter image description hereHow to draw skills like this in the resume ?

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    What does this question have to do with TeX/LaTeX? – Henri Menke Jul 19 '18 at 0:02
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    What do these numbers even mean? You have a nice personality 57% of the time? You know 57% of all languages in the world? – Rahul Jul 19 '18 at 8:48
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Here is the obligatory tikz solution, wrapped inside a custom itemize environment that is created with enumitem. The net result is that using the lines

  \item[57]\textbf{Personality}\\Leadership, innovation

you can produce:

enter image description here

Of course, you can customise the colours to your hearts content!

Here's the full code:

\usepackage{siunitx}% only to force percentages to be integers

\let\realItem\item% save for later use
    \node[minimum width=4em] at (0,0) {\num[round-mode=places,round-precision=0]{#1}\%};
    \draw[thick,line width=1.5mm,Blue](90:5mm)
          arc [radius=5mm, start angle=90, delta angle=-#1*3.6];
    \draw[thick,line width=1.5mm,LightSteelBlue](90-#1*3.6:5mm)
          arc [radius=5mm, start angle=90-#1*3.6, end angle=-270];
  before=\let\item\percentageItem,%make \item = \percentageItem


  \item[57]\textbf{Personality}\\Leadership, innovation

  • With the color it is very nice. – Sebastiano Jul 19 '18 at 7:06

With ConTeXt MKIV and MetaFun.

  interim linecap := butt;
  pen thick;
  thick := pencircle scaled 2pt ;
  path p, q;
  p := reverse (fullcircle scaled (2.5*BodyFontSize) rotated 90);
  q := (p cutafter point (arctime \MPvar{percent}/100*(arclength p) of p) of p);
  draw p withcolor \MPcolor{gray} withpen thick;
  draw q withpen thick;
  label("\MPvar{percent}\%", origin);



  \NC[ny=2] \useMPgraphic{circle}{percent=57} \NC[skill:head] Personality \NR
                                              \NC[skill:list] Lazy        \NR
  \NC[ny=2] \useMPgraphic{circle}{percent=62} \NC[skill:head] Personality \NR
                                              \NC[skill:list] Lazy        \NR
  \NC[ny=2] \useMPgraphic{circle}{percent=10} \NC[skill:head] Personality \NR
                                              \NC[skill:list] Lazy        \NR
  \NC[ny=2] \useMPgraphic{circle}{percent=23} \NC[skill:head] Personality \NR
                                              \NC[skill:list] Lazy        \NR


enter image description here

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